Brence Coghill, Melbourne wet plate collodion tintype photographer

Wet plate collodion ‘tintype’ portrait, 2019

Ph: +61 (0)417 640 922
Email: [email protected]
Melbourne, Australia



Brence. I know. Weird name right? It rhymes with ‘fence’, in case you were wondering. I get called ‘Brent’ a lot, but I don’t mind.

I grew up with semi-nomadic parents. When I was five we spent a year touring Europe in a campervan. Back in those days my parents couldn’t afford much in the way of cameras or film so very few pictures exist from my early childhood.

My teen years involved a lot of math, science and computers. I counterbalanced my general geekery by growing dreadlocks and playing bass in a band called “Glutton”.

After earning a double degree and a decade of working with suits, it was time for a change. I’d been dabbling in photography, but then met my partner Sharon who gave me a camera and a shove in the right direction.  The rest; as they say, is history. I’ve got a particular interest in photographic lighting design (my inner geek coming out) and enjoy problem-solving and generally ‘making stuff happen’.

Having spent my earlier years living in the UK and New Zealand, I now call Melbourne home. I shoot a variety of commercial and editorial work with a particular focus on people, places and landscapes. I also collaborate with my perennial partner-in-crime Sharon Blance on photography projects under the name Image Workshop.

I love working with other creatives, collaborating and creating cool stuff with fun people. If you want to have a chat about a project, give me a shout.

Recent Awards & Recognition

2019 Tokyo International Foto Awards – Silver Winner, Bronze Winner and an Honourable Mention

2019 Prix de la Photographie Paris – Silver Winner (Advertising)

2019 Australian Photography Awards – 5x Highly Commended & 3x Honourable Mentions

2019 International Photography Awards – Honourable Mention

2017 Featured in Capture Magazine ‘The Annual’ compendium showcasing the best photographers in Australia

2016 Australian Photography Awards – Finalist (People)

2016 Australian Photography Awards – Finalist (Travel)